Aerial Arts Classes in Tung Chung

We offer Aerial Yoga, Aerial Hammock and unique Flying Pole classes for both adults and kids. We are one of the few studios in Hong Kong offering Aerial arts for kids and we work with highly qualified and experienced instructors. For more details contact us on 9744 4736 or click the ‘Full Details’ button below… Read more

Yoga and Pilates Classes in Tung Chung

For those who are looking to improve their flexibility and focus on core strengthening, there is nothing like a good yoga class! We have brought together highly experienced yoga instructors and we offer classes in the morning for people that need to get to work, the afternoon for those of you working from home, and… Read more

Martial Arts Classes in Tung Chung

As we are the only fitness and martial arts studio in Tung Chung, we offer a range of martial arts classes for both kids and adults, so everyone can find their preferred classes at times that are convenient. We currently offer Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Muay Thai, for both kids and adults, and Capoeira… Read more

Kids and Tots Fitness Classes in Tung Chung

We in Fitness in Motion understand how important it is for the kids to stay active and fit. We believe that kids should practice in a safe environment, in a fun way, yet still build their self-confidence, discipline, and courage So we offer a wide range of classes for kids where they can learn dancing… Read more

Red Wines from 30 Degrees South

Just some sample text Remember that Lantau Network is a promotional site, so these category descriptions should be informative and entice visitors to click through to your site. For example, something like: Our red wines come from Australia, South Africa and Argentina. They are selected for their specific characteristics and are smooth, with a full… Read more

Abledragon Help and Training

We will help you to get more out of your website. While we are very happy to take everything off your hands, we know that you may like to do things yourself, without having to turn to us or anyone else. We will give you one-to-one training to help you get to know your website… Read more

Abledragon Technical Support

Sometimes things go wrong with your website. It’s a given. A software update can cause problems, and things can stop working for no apparent reason. Or it can be hacked. We’re here to help. With our maintenance plans, we’ll make sure your website is always running smoothly. Running a website is not a ‘set and… Read more

Abledragon Website Design

Our designs will help you to grow your business, because we build websites for today’s mobile internet. Today’s Internet users: Mostly use their mobile handsets to go online Are mostly in a hurry to do what they need to do, and move on to the next thing But your website has a job to do… Read more

Mid-Autumn Festival

It’s that time of year and the Mid-Autumn Festival is upon us again. So ready your lantern’s and lay out your mooncakes, for it is time to gaze at the moon, celebrate the coming harvests and all things lunar!  The Mid-Autumn Festival also known as Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival, is a traditional Chinese festival… Read more

How to Reduce the Stress of Year-End Reporting

Let me preface this by saying that I’m not an accountant!Please check with your accountant who will give you specific advice based on your business. OK, with that out of the way. . . One area where I got myself into trouble when I first started my business was simple book keeping – in particular… Read more