Buffalo Mozzarella

Apologies, this is no longer available.

Pasteurized buffalo milk – Italy

Originating from Campania in Southern Italy, buffalo mozzarella appeared as far back as the 12th century. The milk is curdled then drained to eliminate the whey. After this the curd is cut into small pieces, moulded and immersed in hot water.

The cheesemaker then kneads it with his hands until a smooth, shiny paste is obtained producing a fresh, stringy textured cheese with porcelain-white colour an extremely thin rind and delicate taste.

Can I eat the Mould on my cheese?

Ask our staff for more details or to order.

Price: $36.00 per 125g ball (take away only).

If you’d like to order please call 5991 6292. We can arrange delivery to most locations on South Lantau.

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