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Kung Hei Fat Choy

Lunar New Year is one of the most important celebrations of the year among East and Southeast Asian cultures, including Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean communities, among others. The New Year celebration happens over many days, not just one day as in the Gregorian calendar’s New Year. China’s Lunar New Year is known as the Spring… Read more

Mid-Autumn Festival

It’s that time of year and the Mid-Autumn Festival is upon us again. So ready your lantern’s and lay out your mooncakes, for it is time to gaze at the moon, celebrate the coming harvests and all things lunar!  The Mid-Autumn Festival also known as Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival, is a traditional Chinese festival… Read more

Lychee Farm Night Market

Saturday evening saw the second in the series of the Lantau Gourmet Group’s summer night markets, take place at the Lychee Farm in Mui Wo. This new venue had a touch of uncertainty for the traders, as Lychee Farm is not a well-known location, even though it sits just at the end of the main… Read more

Steak King comes to Mui Wo

Following the Grand Opening of the first of its new breed of high street shops in Sai Kung on 12th June, Steak King was open to the Mui Wo public for the first time today. The much anticipated opening follows weeks of intrigue, as the old Sun Fat premises were being transformed into an exciting… Read more

Tai O Dragon Boat Parade

The Tuen Ng or Dragon Boat Festival is held on the fifth day of the fifth Lunar month, reflecting its Chinese name 端午 – which means “opening the fifth” and is celebrated Asia wide. With Hong Kong declaring a public holiday for the festival, this would normally be a highly anticipated date on the calendar… Read more

Blood Moon – 26th May, 2021

The last Super Blood Moon was visible in Hong Kong 21 years ago, with the next one destined for October 7 2033. That made the night of the 26th May 2021 a pretty important deal for the world’s skywatchers, astronomers, spiritualists and naysayers alike. A major event then and certainly not something the crew at… Read more

Southside Cornhole Tournament

With international sporting events currently pretty much on hold worldwide, our aspirations and competitive cravings have had to take on a much more local homespun feel to fill the void – enter the Southside Cornhole Tournament. Who better indeed than Southside, as Lantau’s very own community minded Southern American food diner, to act as host… Read more

Buddha’s Birthday

Buddha’s Birthday is a Buddhist festival that is celebrated in most of East Asia commemorating the birth of the Gautama Buddha, who was the founder of Buddhism. According to Buddhist tradition Gautama Buddha was born around 563 BC in Lumbini (now Nepal) and raised in the Shakya capital of Kapilavastu. Buddha’s Birthday is celebrated on… Read more

Lantau Gourmet Market

Markets seem to have been the lifeblood of outdoor shopping in recent months, with several variations on the theme of craft, artisan, designer and local producer popping up across Lantau. The most recent has seen yet another new twist, as it focused on delighting the taste buds of Lantau’s foodies – enter the Lantau Gourmet… Read more

Farm Open Day

Lantau Network recently enjoyed an invitation to join the first Farm Open Day, being hosted at the Lychee Hill Holiday Farm in Mui Wo. As two of the Lantau Network crew had been brought up on farms, all be it in different countries, this was a well anticipated event for us and what a delightful… Read more