HK Trail Maps

HK Trail Maps Merchandise

Achievement patches, lapel pins and more. Check out our Hong Kong themed merchandise! Lapel pins are coming soon, so be sure to check back soon! For more details and to buy click here. Back to catalogue… Read more

Neck Gaiters

Multipurpose headwear. Essential year round hiking accessory. Wear during the Winter months to stay warm before the hard work has begun and during Summer wet it, wring it, wear it! It will keep you cool even on the hottest days. Many ways to wear it, truly multipurpose. Use it: As a scarf during the chilly… Read more

Hiking Towels

Microfiber sports towel – essential for hiking in Hong Kong! All our towels are compact, lightweight and super absorbent, and they open to 35cm x 70cm. These are great to have to hand whether you are hiking, running, walking, or even at the beach. 3 of our designs are bilingual with a double-sided design. For… Read more

Hong Kong Hiking Scratch Maps

Hong Kong’s highest peaks, long trails and greatest day hikes are all waiting to be scratched! Our maps are A2 size (59cm x 42cm) printed on superior quality 250gsm hi-gloss coated paper with a stylish silver coating, and if you don’t want to frame them just yet, they come in a themed presentation tube. You… Read more