Oneness Holistic Workshop

Holistic treatments that take care of your physical as well as emotional well-being.

MSTR® McLoughlin Scar Tissue Removal

MSTR® McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Do you have any scars? Of any size, from a keyhole to over 30cm long? It could come from a careless fall, a traumatic accident/attack, a C-section or a life-threatening operation. How do you feel when you touch your scar or look at your scar? The body forms scar tissue… Read more

Bowen Therapy

Bowen is a non-invasive hands-on technique involving gentle rolling motions along the muscles, tendons, and fascia. By releasing stress at a very deep level, via its calming effect on the Autonomic Nervous System, Bowen sets the scene for the body to heal itself. In contrast to many other hands-on therapies, Bowen does not attempt to… Read more


Plants contain the most essential and multiple healing properties for humans. The essence of plants is very concentrated and just a small amount is effective. Aromatherapy is the holistic approach of using plant oils and extracts to balance your body, mind and spirit. Any imbalance in these three levels can cause us ‘dis-ease’. Aromatherapy has… Read more