Psychology and Neuroscience Workshops

Increasingly sophisticated tools are enabling us to investigate contributory biological explanations for many mental illnesses and learning disabilities for emotions like love, for criminal behaviour, different types of memory and consciousness. With this increased insight, we understand more than ever before about the effect of stress, bodily movements and thinking styles on brain processes, and… Read more

Psychjam Workshops

Psychexcite has partnered with Hong Kong Drumjam to develop music and drumming workshops to teach Psychology. In these sessions we use songs and poems about psychological studies to encourage deep learning, as well as drumming, rhythm and rhyme to help students learn psychological concepts. These sessions are very up-beat and lots of fun. Participants have… Read more

Psychology and Theory of Knowledge Tutoring

Increasingly sophisticated investigative technologies are enabling us to better understand the mysteries of the “black box” of the brain. Our knowledge of the complex and dynamic relationship between brain function, environmental stressors, and how we cognitively process information, is growing all the time, and neuroscience is enabling us to understand more about the effect that… Read more