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How to Reduce the Stress of Year-End Reporting

Let me preface this by saying that I’m not an accountant!Please check with your accountant who will give you specific advice based on your business. OK, with that out of the way. . . One area where I got myself into trouble when I first started my business was simple book keeping – in particular… Read more

Simple but Powerful Copywriting Tips

Writing copy for advertisements and promotional materials is hard. The copy has to persuade people to do what you want them to do, using only the written word. That’s why copywriters are so expensive! But there are some formulae and approaches that have proven to be successful over time, and I’ll cover three of them… Read more

How to make your online marketing more effective

I talked about how the way you design your website will make it more effective as a marketing tool in this article. Today, I want to touch on one of the human factors that will make a difference between the success or failure of your marketing online. So, let’s look at a question: Who is… Read more

How to design your website on Wix, Weebly, Squarespace or Shopify

“..I want a beautiful website from which to sell my products or services..” As important as the aesthetics of your website are, they come a distant second to delivering a fantastic customer experience. That’s where the real design work happens. I’ll explain, but first some background. . . Facebook and Instagram business pages are convenient… Read more

I Have a Facebook Page, Why Do I Need a Website?

Although this tutorial focuses on Facebook, the message applies to all your social media platforms. The question at the top is not an either-or question, because if you have a website, it is good to have a Facebook page as well. It increases your ‘footprint’ and provides an easy place to engage with your customers… Read more

How to create a strong brand for your business

Creating a strong brand for your business may seem an unnecessary exercise – but it’s not! A strong brand immediately separates you from your competition and attracts the type of customer you are targeting. Not only does attracting those ideal customers increase your sales, it is a lot more cost-effective than promoting your business to… Read more

Do You Use the Same Password on Two or More Accounts?

If you use the same password on two or more accounts, you’re at risk. Here’s how to protect yourself. However secure a password may be initially, it becomes an open door the moment you re-use it. Your usernames and passwords are valuable commodities to hackers. They steal them, create lists of them and sell them… Read more

How to set up an ad campaign on Facebook

Facebook ads are a great way to get highly targeted visitors to your website or Facebook page. The biggest differentiator that the Facebook ads service offers, over any other ad platform that I’m aware of, is the targeting capability: you can define with great precision who you want to target with your ads. Here’s an… Read more

Introduction to Keyword Research – for people with websites

In the Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) I discussed how to use simple tags in the pages or posts you publish on your website to help them appear higher in the search results. This time I want to talk about another technique that will help your pages get more visitors from the search engines… Read more

Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is often thought of as some kind of black art. It’s not! It’s simply the way to set out the web pages you publish so that the search engines can easily find and index them. But even that is restricted to using a few specific tags. The thing to remember is… Read more