Wellness Popup Retail & Markets

Feel your space is underutilised and you could bring a more interesting wellness experience to your existing business (ie. take away or dine in restaurant)? Since 2013 we have been creating and managing weekend markets for clients including Locofama and Sohofama, and bringing wellness popup retail experiences to various spaces around Hong Kong. For more… Read more

Wellness Retreats

Since 2018 we have been organising wellness retreats both in Lantau and Sri Lanka. Our aim is to provide affordable wellness retreat experiences for the public, give opportunities for busy HK urbanites to reconnect with nature and themselves, and to re-energize, over our 2-7-day retreat programs. For more details or to make a booking please… Read more

Farmer’s Community

wknd Farmer’s Community aims to make nature and farming experiences more accessible to the wider public. Collaborating with a local farm in Mui Wo, wknd is building a community of wknd farmers. This includes gardening enthusiasts, foodies and chefs who want to grow their own tomatoes and fresh herbs, parents who want to experience growing… Read more