Cheung Sha Unplanned

The first weekend of February 21, certainly provided delightful weather and a chance for everyone to kick back and enjoy a little R&R at the beach.

Lantau of course has wealth of stunning beach locations to choose from and over the course of time we hope to be bringing you an insight to most, if not all as the opportunity arises. For this Happenings though, the focus is on Cheung Sha and its goings-on, on a sunny unplanned weekend.

Most likely for many of you the ‘dropping and stopping’ point on Cheung Sha is at its group of very lovely eateries at the village end of the beach i.e. Lower Cheung Sha. Certainly this part of the beach is a hub of family activity and provides the majority of the locations services.

As well as offering a great range of ‘right on the beach’ food and drink choices through likes of Bathers, Long Island, the Coffee Bay, Lantau Diner, Lantana, the LCC Roastery and the very newly opened Natural Plus, you can also work up a bit of an appetite beforehand and try your hand at a number of the watersports that are on offer.

Sailing, surfing, stand-up paddle, kayak and even the latest watersports craze of Wing Surfing are all on the menu, with lessons and equipment available either from the Long Coast Seasports or from the Surf school based at the Lantau Grocer.

Cheung Sha Beach is actually the longest beach in Hong Kong. It comprises of two beach areas separated by a rocky outcrop creating Lower Cheung Sha and Upper Cheung Sha. The latter of which on its own, is still the longest beach in Hong Kong.

Being the other side of a long stair climb, Upper Cheung Sha is more untouched and offers a whole heap of space to relax and hide away. Except of course if there happens to be an impromptu beach volleyball competition underway, as it appeared there was this weekend. It was brilliant to see and clearly everyone involved was gaining some much needed exercise and stress release, so good on em!

However, if all that jumping about is not quite your style, then you can just wander on by and head onwards towards Tung Fuk and take in the full extent of Hong Kong’s longest beach hike or of course run. At around 6km for the round trip, it will certainly be a workout by the time you get back to enjoy that well-earned ‘cold one’.

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