EcoKlenz Domestic and Commercial Cleaning

EcoKlenz is a Lantau-based company providing green, eco-friendly cleaning services throughout Hong Kong and the New Territories, with a commitment to customer satisfaction.

A wide array of the latest cleaning equipment ensures we have the best application for each task. Working with products from the leading German eco-manufacturer, ‘Werner & Mertz’, we have the best eco-solutions for your cleaning requirements.

Your cleaning requirements are not going to change but the way EcoKlenz meets those requirements has.

We all need a level of accountability for our carbon footprint, so the products we use are high performing, innovative and they’re derived from sustainable, natural resources.

We estimate that, this year alone, we will use 300 litres of cleaning product. But, by using Green Care products, we will make savings in the region of 31kg of crude oil, 14kg of plastic and 97kg of carbon dioxide.

We provide eco-cleaning services to both the domestic and commercial sectors.

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