Electrical & Mechanical Contracting Works

We provide high quality contracting work, offering a one-stop-shop for any project where you’re making alterations to a residential or commercial property.

We will handle any project, from a simple painting or wallpapering job, through water pipes replacement, internal plumbing, a kitchen or bathroom refitting to a complete property renovation.

Our prices are competitive. We are not the cheapest but we are also not the most expensive.

The price of your project is greatly influenced by the quality of the materials to be used.

If you want a low-cost re-painting job because you’re renting out your apartment, or a quality refurbishment of an apartment you’re moving into, we will discuss all aspects of the project with you and agree a price based on your requirements and choice of materials.

For more details please contact Charlie on WhatsApp: 9371 1166.

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