Tai O Dragon Boat Parade

Date(s) - June 14, 2021
8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Tai O Village, Lantau Island


It is said that Tai O was hit by a plague in the 19th century. To drive out the epidemic, local fishermen paraded along the local waterways on dragon boats, towing behind them deity statues that they had borrowed from temples in the area.

The plague eventually ended, and today, the dragon boat water parade has been maintained as a traditional element in celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival in Tai O.

During the Dragon Boat Festival, villagers would place statues of deities from local temples on small boats and parade through the waterways.

Villagers could then conduct their rituals towards the floating statues and pray for peace and cast away sickness.




The Joint Association of Traditional Dragon-Boats in Tai O