Farm Open Day

Lantau Network recently enjoyed an invitation to join the first Farm Open Day, being hosted at the Lychee Hill Holiday Farm in Mui Wo.

As two of the Lantau Network crew had been brought up on farms, all be it in different countries, this was a well anticipated event for us and what a delightful afternoon it was.

The open day marks a very cool collaboration between wknd and the Hong Kong Agricultural Development Association.

The aim is to create a monthly community event (last Saturday of each month) to enable people to reconnect with nature and the environment.

This was certainly achieved at the Lychee Holiday Hill Farm, which being located right on the very edge of Mui Wo, just a minute’s walk passed the fire station at the end of Ngan Kwong Wan Road,  provides a peaceful location with stunning views.

The farm site is split between the garden farm allotments, a central community gathering area and a large fresh water fishing lake. The latter being home to Fishing Hong Kong, a catch and release sports fishing business.

The focus for the event was however the gardens, in which people can rent their own plot to grow plants, flowers, vegetables and fruit.

Gardening is a worldwide passion of course and the benefits of getting your hands dirty and escaping your everyday life to recharge the old batteries, cannot be underestimated.

Not only does the opportunity to take on some micro-farming provide a great way to get some physical exercise, it is also an ideal way to clear the head and recharge the mind – it is certainly a great spot to indulge in a ‘mindfulness’ moment or two.

There are all sorts of opportunities to do this with the farming packages from wknd.

These offer not only the chance to farm your own plot, but also add additional inputs such as skills and education workshops, BBQ’s and social events, plus farming support and even a delivery service for your harvest.

It is also very reassuring to know, that even if you can only get to your garden plot at the weekends or cannot get there for any reason, then Lychee Hill’s farmer in residence Mr. Wong, will keep everything well-watered and cared for.

wknd’s Farm Open Day certainly laid the foundation for further gatherings.

The programme this time included: Nature Water Colour Painting, an Eco Tour with local plant ecologist Dr. Anita Tsang, a chance to recycle pre-loved children’s clothes with Gathered HK and you could even make your own Moss Ball with horticultural therapist May Cheung – all washed down with a cheeky end of day glass of wine and some delicious steam buns, cooked fresh onsite.

So, make a date in your diary for next month and come and join the next Farm Open Day. If though reading this has already grabbed your interest, then pick-up your spade and get ready to get growing –  you can contact wknd at any time to start renting your own farming space.


Founded in 2013, wknd is a Hong Kong social enterprise that is passionate about sustainable living and making healthy lifestyle more accessible to everyone.

Their ethos is one of collaboration and connecting with organizations, experts and individuals who share the same perspective on conscious living. You can contact them via their website: or their Facebook page:

Hong Kong Agricultural Development Association

Aims to promote the development of Hong Kong agriculture. To aim at self-sustaining through high technology research and production. Through certification to produce high quality and quantity agricultural products to our citizens.

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