Fleur de re Cendre

Apologies, this is no longer available.

Pasteurised goat’s milk – France.

Fleur de re Cendre is a small, artisanal goat cheese round that has been lightly salted with Fleur de Sel from the Ile de Ré, off the western coast of France (long famed for its salt production).

The fresh cheese is then dusted with ash (cendré), which then ages the cheese – softening the paste from the outside in.

The flavours are as you’d expect for an ashed goat cheese: slightly salty, creamy, with the sweet, dusty flavours of goat’s milk – clean, fresh and mouth wateringly tangy.

Can I eat the mould on my cheese?

Ask our staff for more details or to order.

Price: $105.00 per 150g piece (take away only).

If you’d like to order please call 5991 6292. We can arrange delivery to most locations on South Lantau.

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