French Saucisson

Apologies, this is no longer available.

The word saucisson is a French term used for dry sausages. It comes from the Latin word salsus, which means salted.

Typically saucisson is made of pork, or a mixture of pork and other meats which are coarsely chopped then seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper and curing salt. It is left to ferment and dry for up to 6 months.

There are many varieties of saucisson that include a range of other ingredients such as olives, tomato & basil, mushrooms, pistachios, figs, cheese and even spicy.

Our range will vary according to availability.

Ask our staff for more details or to order.

Price: $85.00 per saucisson (190g)

If you’d like to order please call 5991 6292. We can arrange delivery to most locations on South Lantau.

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