Graham Player – Gam Bok Yin 金 博 賢

Graham Player is a Mui Wo resident who is a qualified Chinese medicine doctor and runs the Hung Gar Kuen Academy 洪 拳 學 社.

In these videos he describes Hung Gar, why he became involved in it and what it means to him.

The videos are in order with the newest first.

Episode 8: The Five Animals – Part 3

Episode 7: The Five Animals – Part 2

Episode 6: The Five Animals – Part 1

Episode 5: What is Hung Gar? – Part 3

Episode 4: What is Hung Gar? – Part 2

Episode 3: What is Hung Gar? – Part 1

Episode 2: About This Channel

Episode 1: Who is Gam Bok Yin?

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