Holmbury Vintage Cheddar

Apologies, this is no longer available.

Pasteurised cow’s milk – UK

Cheddar is perhaps the most famous of British cheeses. Traditionally made from slabs of curd that are stacked on top of each other, turned frequently. The pressure of their combined weight squeezes out any remaining whey.

The slabs can then be cut, salted & put into moulds for maturing, a process known as ‘Cheddaring’. Holmbury Vintage Cheddar is matured for 14 months.

Can I eat the Mould on my cheese?

Ask our staff for more details or to order.

Price: $48.00 per 100g – available as pre-cut pieces in various sizes (take away only).

If you’d like to order please call 5991 6292. We can arrange delivery to most locations on South Lantau.

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