The Lantau Network Team

As we said on the front page, Lantau Network is operated by two Lantau residents, both of whom have their own businesses based here.

Both of us have met and come to know other Lantau business owners whom we describe as Lantau’s ‘hidden talent’ – small, local businesses, offering fantastic products and services, but who don’t get the exposure they deserve.

This is our attempt to put that right!

If you are a small Lantau business, please get in touch so we can talk about how to best feature you on the site:

Meanwhile, here’s who we are:

Martin Malden

Martin is the webby member of the team!

Martin Malden“..Hi there,

I grew up in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe these days) and I’ve lived in Hong Kong since January 1995, after a 16-year stint in the UK.

I rode horses from a young age and played a game called polocrosse (basically Lacrosse on horseback) while I was in Rhodesia.

After moving to the UK, I took up horse-trialling (show-jumping, dressage and cross-country), which I enjoyed until my job started getting in the way. Since I was never going to be a professional equestrian the job took priority!

Other things I’ve done in my time: played keyboards in a few different bands, Go Kart racing and, since coming to Hong Kong, hiking in the hills.

After living on Hong Kong Island for 18 years, I moved to Mui Wo at the end of 2013 – something I wish I had done earlier!

I’ve run my own WordPress agency since 2009, where I create and build websites for clients. I’m also an affiliate marketer, which means I’m marketing and promoting other peoples’ products on line.

That means I had to get to grips with, and keep current with, search engine optimisation and marketing techniques and trends.

I also author a weekly newsletter for solo business owners, the research for which helps me to keep current with what’s developing in the world of running an online business..”

Neil Godbold

Neil is the media and marketing part of the team.

Neil Godbold - marketing and media“..Hi all,

I have been living in Hong Kong for past 15 years and around half that time on Lantau.

I am originally from the UK with a sports events background that, over the years, has morphed into a media role, with me primarily working on sports event coverage and travel documentaries.

As you might imagine in recent times, this occupation has become a little limited. It’s not all bad though, as this has given me the opportunity to focus on life and happenings locally and enjoy all the bonuses of living the island life of Lantau.

And what an amazing place we all live in, with access to a top range of outdoor and adventure sports which are part of my own DNA, so I’m very happy about that.

Also, connecting with you guys, the island community, has given me a chance to follow another passion and launch a Lantau artisan cheese company with my neighbours.

There are in fact many great new businesses appearing right now – Lantau is indeed a hotbed of talent.

So it is great to also be part of Lantau Network, and we look forward to meeting you and hopefully helping to promote your ventures, as well as providing a new hub to connect all ‘good things’ Lantau..”

If you’d like to contact us we’d love to hear from you:

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