Lychee Farm Night Market

Saturday evening saw the second in the series of the Lantau Gourmet Group’s summer night markets, take place at the Lychee Farm in Mui Wo.

This new venue had a touch of uncertainty for the traders, as Lychee Farm is not a well-known location, even though it sits just at the end of the main Ngan Kwong Wan Road, just 2 minutes past the fire station.

Thankfully these concerns came to nothing and from the ‘get-go’ this artisan food and beverage market saw a steady stream of eager hungry customers.

Although not a public space, the Lychee Farm is a well-established venture, which offers the opportunity for people to rent their own farming plot, on which they can create their own garden or grow their own food.

It’s a location that is in fact half farm and half fishing lake, so if a spot of rod & line is something that appeals, you can also wile away the hours at the farm’s private lake. To learn more about this, take yourself over to

It’s a space that has proved to be a great escape for people over these difficult months, the perfect spot to recharge and unwind in a peaceful setting, surrounded by stunning views of the Lantau Mountains.

If you would like to find out more about this and are perhaps interested in getting back to the soil yourself, then contact a social enterprise group who coordinate the gardening plots at Lychee Farm, as well as running regular workshops and community activities.

Workshops such as the Healthy Cooking Class, which they ran for the night market in collaboration with nutrition consultant and chef, Tammie Tsang from

A lovely concept indeed for a food market, especially given a location that allows its workshop students to not only cook, but also harvest their own ingredients on the spot – you can’t get much more organic than that!

The cooking workshop was just one of the additional twists the Lantau Gourmet Group had arranged and they seem to have thought of everyone.

Certainly the kids were having a great time, with unlimited ‘jumping-about’ on the bouncy castle or grabbing the opportunity to get creative, with one of the table-top craft activities.

The core of the market was of course its artisan vendors, providing a mouth watering range of delicious foods, from Thai cuisine, to local grilled meats, South African Biltong, vegetarian and vegan delights, tapenade and spicy spreads, French cheeses and CBD.

All of which you could wash down with a choice of local produced craft beer, South African wine or even a stylish coffee cocktail.

The market ran from 5pm – 9pm, which not only avoided the heat of the day, but also provided the opportunity to enjoy a bite or two in the gathering evening light with friends around the farm site.

It was certainly a bonus to have an outdoor space that allowed for good social distancing and the Lantau Gourmet Group had been careful to also ensure good track & trace and temperature monitoring at the farm entrance.

It was a well-run event throughout, that while observing all current requirements, it still allowed for maximum enjoyment, whether you simply came to shop and go or chose to dine onsite.

Plus for those who did lose track of the hours, there was the added bonus of an hourly lucky draw to mark time and liven-up proceedings, with a bundle of excellent prizes from each of the vendors.

It can safely be said that the 2nd Lantau Gourmet Market was a roaring success and that Lychee Farm is now on the map.

We look forward to the next instalment of both, and be sure the Lantau Network crew will, of course, be on hand to help eat and drink their way through proceedings.

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