Oneness Holistic Workshop

A holistic therapist cares about your physical as well as emotional health.

Sabine Lau, owner of Oneness Holistic Workshop, is a Professional Aromatherapist from IFPA(UK) and Certified Clinical Aromatherapist from NAHA(US), a Bowen Therapist, an Infant Massage Instructor from IAIM(Sweden) and founder of an aromatherapy brand “芳癒” (Fong Yu: heal with aroma).

Due to veganism and a love of nature, Sabine has been close to plants since her teenage years.

The idea of healing by natural remedies prompted her to study aromatherapy and become a therapist. She discovered that through a nurturing touch, humans can benefit from pain relief, as well as emotional relief, and most importantly – to recover the power of self-healing.

The treatment given by Sabine includes a combination of different hands-on techniques and therapeutic plant oils tailored to your unique needs.

With a focus on therapy and tailor-made plant-based products, Sabine is also keen on sharing knowledge and providing professional training to spread the benefits of Aromatherapy.

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