Psychology & Neuroscience Tutoring

Psychexcite is owned and operated by me, Ray Heath, and specialises in psychology and neuroscience tutoring.

Ray Heath, owner PsychexciteI am currently Head of Psychology at King George V school in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Through Psychexcite, I offer up-beat, lively, on-line and face-to-face tutoring in Psychology, and the IBD Theory of Knowledge course.

I work with students, the general public, business professionals and teachers, on a range of subjects related to Psychology, neuroscience, resilience training and critical thinking.

Growing out of my continuing professional development work, my aim is to provide colleagues with an opportunity to refocus and reflect on their skills and interests, and to reconnect with their creativity.

This encourages them to harness the fun of teaching fascinating subjects like Psychology and Critical Thinking/Theory of Knowledge.

I offer a range of tutorials and workshops for students, teachers and the general public, that reflects my particular interest in what neuroscience and innovative branches of Psychology are teaching us about how we can learn most effectively.

“Having Ray with me has improved my confidence in coping with IB Psychology and has made things seem straightforward and achievable.”
Dylan Powell, Year 13 IBD Psychology SL student, Hong Kong.

“Working with Ray has not only improved my knowledge and understanding of the IB Psychology course but has given me the confidence boost required to help me take it all to the next level.”
Taylor McNeill, Year 13 IBD Psychology HL student, Hong Kong.

“Ray is a great tutor for psychology! She has helped me progress through the IB course with speed and efficiency.”
Max DeSouza, Year 12 HL IBD Psychology student, Hong Kong


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