Psychology and Theory of Knowledge Tutoring

Increasingly sophisticated investigative technologies are enabling us to better understand the mysteries of the “black box” of the brain.

Our knowledge of the complex and dynamic relationship between brain function, environmental stressors, and how we cognitively process information, is growing all the time, and neuroscience is enabling us to understand more about the effect that our social world has on brain and biological processes.

Through Psychexcite, I have developed a range of socially interactive activities and exercises to help people learn about the practical applications and implications of these exciting innovations in Psychology and brain science.

Who will benefit?

I tutor students face-to-face and on-line on GCSE, A level, IBD Psychology and undergraduate courses.

How will they benefit?

My student-centred approach helps students to develop their understanding of complex psychological concepts, and improve their exam technique and timed writing skills, so that they feel inspired to get the best grades possible in their finals.

For more information contact me at: or WhatsApp: +852 6114 9351.

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