Steak King comes to Mui Wo

Following the Grand Opening of the first of its new breed of high street shops in Sai Kung on 12th June, Steak King was open to the Mui Wo public for the first time today.

The much anticipated opening follows weeks of intrigue, as the old Sun Fat premises were being transformed into an exciting new-look F&B outlet for the island.

Steak King is combining a wide selection of meats and seafood, with ready-made meals, takeaway pizza, pasta and freshly roasted coffee.

Today was very much a ‘soft-opening’ for the Mui Wo shop, with customers being invited in take a look at progress and to enjoy free freshly barbequed sausage sizzlers and hot-out-of-the-oven pizza, with choice of a cold beer or cider to wash it down.

Certainly there was a steady stream of Lantau folk from the word go, who were eagerly trying out the sizzlers and questioning the Steak King crew on how the shop would evolve.

The ‘stop/start’ rain was not enough to deter groups of people from patiently queuing under their umbrellas, for their hotdog to be rustled up.

Steak King, formerly known as Argyle Foods, was founded by Johnny Glover; a chef, butcher and fishmonger of 30 years who has also founded, The Butchers Club & Pacific Gourmet in Hong Kong.

Steak King is a neighbourhood retail concept, which will specialise in providing top quality food and ingredients for gourmet home cooking.

Over the summer Steak King aims to open a number of stores across Hong Kong, where customers will be able to shop for high quality artisan meats, seafood, fine food groceries, Wines and Spirits, plus ‘Master Chef’ gadgets for their own home-cooking endeavours.

A big part of Johnny Glover’s concept for Steak King includes a range of healthy, convenient ready meals under its own unique branding – namely ‘Moo Moo Beef’, ‘Bah Bah Sheep’, ‘Oink Oink Pig’, ‘Bok Bok Chicken’ and ‘Snip Snap Seafood’.

Each package will also include a QR code that will take customers to a Master Chef’s video or article to show you how perfectly cook the product and enjoy it at home.

Steak King maintains a close working partnership with its food sourcing partners across the globe, to ensure that it oversees and maintains the highest of standards of quality in its produce. You can find out more about Steak King and the product country of origin on their website –

In the meantime it’s fair to say that from the feedback and the sociable atmosphere at today’s opening, that Steak King is a good fit for Mui Wo and everyone will be looking forward to its full-opening in the near future.

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