Stone and Tile Surfaces Cleaning

We specialise in the cleaning and maintenance of all types of natural stone including Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Quartzite and Sandstone, along with hard floors such as Terrazzo, Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles.

We have twin speed rotary single pad machines which can handle your job requirements. Whether its stripping, cleaning and scrubbing or polishing we have it covered.

Interior Home Floors

We can do a rotary wash and polish on most of the floor finishes found in HK.

Ceramic Tiles? How about a professional clean and polish? We can have your floors looking like new!

Rooftops and Private Outdoor Spaces

We have achieved great results in Hong Kong removing that stubborn layer of grime that blights us here. We can rejuvenate these spaces with our rotary cleaners.

And if you want to really brighten things up, we can even re-paint surrounding concrete surfaces.

Bars, Restaurants & Office Spaces

Smaller commercial premises such as bar and restaurant floors benefit dramatically from the EcoKlenz hygienic clean.

Along with a rotary wash, steam cleaning of surfaces will kill any bacteria.

Recreation Areas

Rotary machine washing of recreation areas such as basketball courts keeps them clean, safe and free from the build-up that continually accumulates on them.

Growth of things like mildew, mould, and algae can make a court slippery and unsafe. Keeping your court clean means regular maintenance, and we recommend cleaning twice a year.

We use a cleaning product solely designed for this type of application.

For more details of how we can help with your cleaning needs please get in touch: WhatsApp: 6214 0741

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