Dog or Cat Adoption

At TAILS, we aim to provide all our rescue animals with the happiness of being adopted into a forever home full of love, commitment, loyalty, care and attention.

For cats and dogs, an adoption commitment can last over 15 years.

They will form a loving connection with you and deserve to spend their whole lives secure and happy, without being abandoned when their health declines, they get old, or a human baby comes along.

We do understand and consider it responsible that you may want to see whether your potential adoptee connects positively with all members of your family and thus, we are happy to offer trial periods before adoptions are finalized.

If you’d like to go ahead, please complete our adoption questionnaire for us.

This will help us to understand more about the type of animal you are looking for as well as your daily living circumstances, which can allow us to match the most suitable animal with you and your family.

Please take some time to answer the questions in the relevant questionnaire as thoroughly and honestly as possible and we will arrange an interview with you if we have potential matches.

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