Dog or Cat Fostering

At TAILS we are indebted to our fosters who provide our rescue animals with a loving home environment while they wait for adoption to their forever homes.

This provides endless benefits for animals, allowing them to settle into a routine, and receive individual attention, care, good food, and exercise.

Fostering also can allow individuals who are not ready to commit to adoption have the opportunity to share their lives with an animal on a short-term basis while giving back to the animal community through this act of kindness.

If you’d like to go ahead, please complete our foster questionnaire for us.

This will help us to understand more about the type of animal you are looking for as well as your daily living circumstances, which can allow us to match the most suitable animal with you and your family.

Please take some time to answer the questions in the relevant questionnaire as thoroughly and honestly as possible and we will arrange an interview with you if we have potential matches.

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