Terms and Conditions

We do not want to have one of those long, sleep-inducing terms and conditions pages, however, in order to avoid disappointments or problems in the future, we do need to make our position clear.

Lantau Network is focused on promoting Lantau businesses and events, and it is a family-friendly website and business.

As a result, we wish to make the following terms clear:

  1. Your business must be based on Lantau Island
  2. We reserve the right not to accept a business listing on the site, and we are not obliged to provide an explanation to any business whose listing we decline to accept
  3. We will not accept religious businesses, or businesses promoting religion of any kind
  4. We will not accept political businesses or businesses promoting any political point of view
  5. We will not accept any business promoting drugs
  6. We will not accept any business promoting violence
  7. Any health-related business must include either:
    • The full qualifications, from a recognised body, of the practitioner or business owner, or
    • In the event the business owner is not medically qualified, a clear and detailed disclaimer stating that the business is not qualified to offer medical advice
  8. We expressly do not accept responsibility for any statements or claims made by businesses listing on the site. All statements or claims made by a business within its mini site are wholly the responsibility of the business making those claims
  9. In any dispute the decision of Lantau Network will be final

Any business that applies to be listed on Lantau Network is deemed to have read, understood and accepted these terms.

Last updated on 20th March, 2021.