Trappe D’Echourgnac

Apologies, this is no longer available.

Pasteurised cow’s milk – France

Created in 1868 at Échourgnac Abbey in Dordogne, Trappe D’Echourgnac was initially made by monks. Production though stopped when they left in 1910, before being resumed again in 1923 by Cistercian nuns.

Developed by the nuns, this cheese with a pressed uncooked centre is matured with walnut liqueur, especially produced at the Distillerie du Périgord.

Can I eat the Mould on my cheese?

Ask our staff for more details or to order.

Price: $264.00 per 300g whole piece or $140.00 per 150g piece (take away only).

If you’d like to order please call 5991 6292. We can arrange delivery to most locations on South Lantau.

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