Treasure Island Sunday Market

Following the success of the Treasure Island Winter Weekend Market, back in January, they have decided to carry things on and have set-up a new monthly Sunday Market. This is great news, especially in these times of restricted gatherings and certainly the buzz around the villages before market day, was giving things a big old thumbs-up.

The markets are booked to take place on the final Sunday of each month, with an opening trial run of 3 months – February, March and April.

More details on the next two markets in our Treasure Island Sunday Markets listing.

With the first of the Sunday Markets just managing to squeak its way into February, falling as it did on the last day of the month, there had been limited build-up and promo time. Regardless though, the word had clearly spread across the island and the attendance went from strength to strength as the day unfolded.

With 17 traders in the mix, the market offered a good balance of food stuffs, drinks, plus products from talented local artisans and designers. The atmosphere was very much that of a village fate, as people caught up with each other and enjoyed the sunny afternoon.

Double Havens mini beer garden was hitting the spot, as people relaxed to enjoy a craft beer or two between bouts of shopping and the various garden games laid on by TIG, were going down well with the kids. Given the location next to Pui O Beach, amongst the buffalo fields and under the gaze of some of Lantau’s most well known mountain peaks, it provides pretty much the ideal location for a Sunday market.

From feedback on the day, it had indeed hit the spot and it looks like the market is primed to grow over the coming months as it becomes more well-known and established. Certainly it has plenty of scope to expand and we know the Treasure Island crew are working on attracting more traders for the next one – which will be taking place on the 28th March.

It is great to see new developments like this that promote the sense of local community and identity. Something perhaps we are all rediscovering a little, since the pandemic descended and put international life on hold for many of us. So, it’s  time for good news stories, we all need them right now, so bring it on folks of Lantau and let’s have many more ‘Happenings’ like the Treasure Island Sunday Market.

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