Treasure Island Weekend Winter Market

With weather and atmosphere reminiscent of a European village fete, the Treasure Island Weekend Winter Market, provided not only an opportunity to peruse and buy locally produced and sourced goodies, but also it was a welcome respite in the rather trying times we find ourselves.

As we all know there are very few opportunities at the moment for events of any kind, but with the Winter Market being based on Treasure Island’s own campsite, along with strict social distancing, a one-way system and entrance temperature/track & trace procedures in place, the Winter Market demonstrated how it is possible to still make it all happen.

All of that might sound less than fun, but if you were one of the market goers over the weekend, then you can attest to its chilled vibe and friendly ambience. Plus with around 25 traders in place, there was certainly the buzz that you would expect at an open-air market and all set to a backdrop of Sunset Peak – not too bad at all.

A pleasant wander through the stalls begins with a ‘kick-start’ coffee at the Long Coast Roastery, thoughtfully placed right next to the awesome cookies from Hou Hou Mei and the delicious jams, honey and other treats from The Artisan.

Then suitably fueled, you are ready to wade in and get down to some serious shopping. With the likes of – Afro Jewellery, 2nu Sunglasses, Craft Junkie, Lantau Ren,  Solidayz,  The Stalk Room,  Van Scents Handicraft Studio and Kria Naturals.


Blackwell Leather Co, Wilde Koei Boerewors, Xana Sage, Art Womenhk, Healing art life, Laurels Jewellery, Paw Stars and the Island Alchemist to name but a few, well hopefully most everyone, but sorry if we have missed anyone.

Certainly throughout the weekend there was steady crowd of shoppers, some of whom zeroed in on some serious buying, while others lingered a good while longer to catch up with friends and to relax with a well-earned can or two of Dragon Water from the crew at Double Haven Brewing.

That element of sitting on a stone wall, with a cold one while bantering away and watching the old buffalos (as ever on their never-ending eating mission) did seem a world away from C19 and brought home just how lucky we are to be living the island life.

So here’s to the next one, cheers one and all.

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