What Lantau Network Offers

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Here is what Lantau Network is and what we are offering to Lantau-based businesses.

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A location for the Lantau business community

Lantau Network is where local Lantau businesses can catch up on Lantau business events, promote their products and services and get exclusive access to resources and tutorials on building their business.

It’s created and operated by two local Lantau businesses – details here.

Our aim is to support Lantau businesses in as many ways as we can:

  • Developing and hosting mini websites for Lantau businesses
  • Providing tutorials and resources to help your business grow
  • Marketing and promotion activities to bring you more visitors
  • Details and promotion of upcoming markets and events
  • Interviews with Lantau business owners

Ultimately, this site is for the benefit of Lantau businesses, so our future developments will be driven by your requirements.

Sound interesting? Join us:

Here is what we are currently offering

Your own mini website

Each business listed on Lantau Network gets a mini website that we will host and maintain, and a listing in our directory.

Each mini website will comprise:

  1. A page that introduces your business, its background and offering. This page also contains a product catalogue with images of your product or service categories
  2. A product detail page for each of your products or services. These pages contain the product image, or a gallery of different views of the product, and a detailed description of its price, its benefits and any other details

On both page types you have as much space as you need, or want. There are no limitations on characters or words.

We can add a Google map to your location on any or all of your pages.

Visitors to your mini site

We will not be processing transactions, so there is no change to the way your customers currently pay you. This keeps it simple for you.

Each of your product detail pages will link to wherever you want your customers to contact you.

We can send them to your Amazon shop (directly to the actual product, if you like), your Facebook page, or an appointment booking form.

Or we can give them a phone number or an email address to contact you direct.

The choice is entirely yours.

Search engine and content optimisation

We will optimise your mini website for the search engines (SEO). We will also optimise the layout of your pages for visitors on mobile devices.

This will help to attract visitors to your pages from the search engines, and give them a good user experience when they arrive.

Marketing and promotion activities

We will undertake social media marketing activities for the Lantau Network platform, to draw in visitors and so increase exposure of your mini site.

We also promote one member business each day on a minimum of four Facebook business groups.

Tailored consultancy for your business (chargeable separately)

Our media and marketing team members would be happy to provide tailored marketing consultancy and support to your business.

And, if you have a website, our web team would be happy to provide tailored consultancy – e.g. how to optimise it for the search engines, improve the page load speed, optimise the user-experience, improve mobile usability and more.

Exclusive access to tutorials and resources

Our friends and members have asked us things like how to make the best use of hashtags, how to set up the Facebook pixel, how to get better at marketing online, how to get more visitors from Google.

As a result, we turned Lantau Network into a membership site.

As members, you get exclusive access to resources and tutorials on how to build and grow your business.

Page and product images

If you’ve shopped on Amazon, or any other eCommerce site, you will know that the quality of the product images is extremely important.

Poor quality images of your products or services leave a negative impression in the minds of people visiting your pages, and will greatly reduce their effectiveness.

We can help.

If you don’t already have high quality product or service images we can take them for you.

Please check out our requirements for product and service images.

However you do it, high quality product images are fundamental to the effectiveness and success of your pages.


It obviously takes time, knowledge and experience to set up and maintain a platform such as this.

We are committed to keeping costs as low as we can, but there are costs that do have to be covered.

These include:

  1. The fixed cost of hosting the platform, maintaining it, implementing security updates and so on
  2. The time and knowledge required to set up new minisites and optimise them for the search engines (SEO)
  3. The time taken to develop and deliver the exclusive resources and tutorials that will help your business grow

So here is our early bird offer:

Join us now and get a free introductory membership for 3 months.

After 3 months there will be a small monthly fee of HK$250, that will remain unchanged for as long as you remain a member.

When the introductory offer ends the monthly subscription will go to HK$500.

In return

In return, we will set up your mini site, list it in our directory and drive as many visitors as we can to Lantau Network, to give your mini site as much exposure as possible.

We will develop and regularly publish resources and tutorials that will help you grow your business. You tell us what you need to know and we will develop and publish it in the exclusive members’ area.

We will promote any events that you organise.

Why not take advantage of the early bird deal and list your business?

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